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I was a little apprehensive ahead of starting coaching with Ed as I wasn’t sure what to expect. The apprehension soon turned to pure joy excitement after the first session where I was exported to another level of consciousness, from this place Ed guided me to get to grips with my vision and purpose. Six sessions on and I feel incredibly clear on the impact and message I am giving.

The inspiration and guidance received within the sessions has benefited not only myself but the people I support, and I always leave our sessions feeling at peace and stimulated to create. I love the safe space Ed creates, it allows me to open up and say what comes to me without any fear of judgment. I would recommend this process to everyone, it truly is magic!

—Sara Maxwell, Wealth Coach, UK |

Edward's work drew me in because my energy was scattered, with aspects of myself pulling in different directions. It was powerful to bring all aspects of myself into alignment with my true nature and purpose.

I also came to understand that the powerful, masculine energy I have been intimidated by is energy within me working with me for my highest good. This is an asset I can work with at particular times rather than be fearful of - it’s a game-changer.

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— Kat Byles, Founder of True Business, Antigua |

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I LOVE working with Edward. I was searching for a spiritual/ shamanic coach for a while, (1) because that's what I do and i wanted to get more inspiration to serve my clients and (2) to go through the deep transformational work that I so believe in and know as so powerful.

Every session with Edward is so accurate and unique, it's like diving in to the mystery, to the womb of creation, and being born again. Edward is holding such an amazing, safe and wise space for me to explore who am I and who I want to be. I'm very grateful to work with him.

If you are ready to make a quantum leap in your life and discover more deeply who you are I very highly recommend coaching with Edward.

Thanks again for your magic✨

—Ami Edelsztein, Shamanic Life Coach, Israel | Instagram

I first came to Edward for a Soul Quest and from our first calls together, I knew that he was the right person: gentle and attentive. He helped me realise that I was no longer aligned with the new person I was becoming.

My inner guidance then moved me to launch myself fully as a Shaman. I had in mind to make a website to get started and quite naturally came to Edward. Through his intuition, methods and gentleness, he was able to transmit the visions that I had in my head to create a website up to my expectations.

For that, I advise him to all practitioners looking for someone to create their site. Edward's gift is to be the compass that guides us when our lives need a new path.

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— Gautag, Shaman, France |

I loved working with Edward! He made some magic photos of me during a lovely summer evening and totally made me feel at ease and managed to capture some beautiful spontaneous shots!

Ed also created my business website from scratch, after launching it in the mid of April I signed my first five clients in a matter of hours.Today I have around 30 clients and most of them say they found the site very helpful and beautiful!

Thank you Ed for your amazing work!

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— Arianna Isabella, Social Media Coach, Italy |

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Just over a year ago, I met Edward Pike and the incredible work that he does in waking us to possibilities and beliefs, to dreams we had let go of and to once again finding our true passions and creativity. He awakened the child in me that no longer fears to believe that everything is possible. My heart and soul constantly feel like soaring. My dream is coming true. I am healing and I am now able to help others heal too.

I have seen so much change in me over the past year that I can hardly recognise myself from a year ago. Everything is bigger, brighter and clearer. I have never felt happier or more free.

— Paul Rafter, Healer and Spiritual Guide, Ibiza

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