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Human Design is something that I use a lot in my work, so here is a little introduction of myself through that lens.


What is Human Design?


Human Design is a system that brings together quantum science, astrology, the Chinese I Ching and the energy system. It provides a fantastic pathway to our unique energy, mind and body, starting with our Type (how our energy works), Authority (how we make decisions) and Strategy (how we create and navigate).


What I love about Human Design is that it is truly a meeting point of body and soul: it provides a pathway for embodiment and letting go of our conditioning (the Not-Self). I also love that it is not dogmatic, but open to intuitive exploration: the key is to play and practice what you discover about yourself, to see if and how it fits.


What Is My Design?

I'm a Manifesting Generator with Sacral authority: I'm multi-talented, multi-passionate, designed to master the work I love, and I experience my inner GPS in my gut, instantaneously.

I'm a 2 (Hermit) / 4 (Connector/Opportunist) with 5 individual lines, an open Heart/Will, Mind and Solar Plexus: I need to listen to my energy to balance out alone time with connecting to my expansive network, and to be very true to my individual impulses.

The main themes in my chart and Incarnation Cross (34-20 / 55-59) are liberation, freedom, awakening, leadership, sovereignty, intimacy, rebirth and abundance: I simply don't feel excited by anything that doesn’t include elements of these!

Want to discover your own Human Design and how to live and create the way you were born to?

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