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Me and Chris holding Matt and Alex in 1988


Working as a PT in Central London, 2012


Co-leading a retreat in Crete in June 2017

My entire life has been a quest to discover my own magic.

I have a twin brother (Chris) as well as two younger brothers (Alex and Matt - also twins!) and we moved from the UK to France in 1990, growing up on a farm called “La Fraternité” (the "Brotherhood"). So despite being born with an innate sense of connection, I also experienced an intense need to make my own mark on the world.

Over the years, I struggled to claim my space, continuously doubting myself and the value of what I had to offer, whether that was my work and creative talents, or my love and sexuality.

I did course after course, studying fitness, entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, healing and my Human Design and Gene Keys, in an effort to find who I was. I moved from personal trainer to intuitive coach to body psychotherapist and creative consultant.

Every choice - from moving to Crete to training as a Core Energetics therapist - took me one step closer to my magic. Yet somehow I still felt like I wasn’t hitting the mark. I still felt confused, numb and frustrated, like I wasn't fulfilling my purpose or my potential.

The clouds finally began to lift when I recognised how I had rejected my most natural gifts and my own playful way of creating, in favour of doing things the way I thought they ‘should’ be.

When I allowed myself to do more of what I love (working out, camping, and creating videos for starters - all things that took me back into my body), I found my sweet spot.

This lifetime quest led me to collect an incredible toolbox of practices, exercises and stories to share with my clients, and to a deep understanding of how to access the power and resilience that lies in all of us.

And that was how the LightWarrior Coach was born.

I now live in Crete with my soul partner Rob and our dogs Helios and Plutonas and cat Joy, and love creating videos, taking photos, working out, camping under the stars, dancing, spending time in the wilderness, and hanging out with friends.

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