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I've been coaching people for over a decade.


I teach you how to access the power of your body, listen to your soul's wisdom and live according to your uniqueness: that sweet spot between who you are as a person (all of your experiences, challenges and struggles) AND what you do as a professional (your unique methodology, philosophy and perspective).


I’m a certified personal trainer, spiritual life coach, Core Energetics practitioner and creative consultant with 11 years of experience working with groups and individuals.


I've always been passionate about the intersection of body and soul as the key to living a deeply satisfying and successful life. This lifelong exploration of our human potential eventually led me to my mission: helping coaches and creators to step into their power and THRIVE.

How I Work

My methodology is rooted in the premise that we each have a unique power within us: a specific way to live, do and create that we were designed for.

I combine coaching, fitness, body psychotherapy, Human Design and creative consulting to help you:


Access your deepest power and compassion

Get super clear on who you are and what you are here to do

Navigate life with more confidence and ease

Develop powerful underlying structures for your life & work

Overcome any challenges and obstacles

Open up to be and do more of what you love


It frees you up from learnt ideas of how to succeed so that you can create the abundance and impact you seek while experiencing deeper joy and satisfaction.


I believe that owning your unique creative power is how you can create a better life for yourself, your clients and your community, while also contributing to a more connected and more loving society and planet.

I call this philosophy the ‘LightWarrior Re:volution’.


The LightWarrior Re:volution

Body + Soul = Power

Gold LightWarrior3 Small.png


The body is the key: it holds all of your wisdom, stories and trauma. By working with the body, listening to and caring for it, moving it regularly, and re-learning how to be embodied, fit and healthy, you access more of your genetic potential, which lies deep in your cells.

Gold LightWarrior SOul 2.png

+ Soul

Only when you are in your body can you tap into the incredible power, love and wisdom of your soul. You come home to the energy of life itself and of the entire cosmos: a palpable, beautifully alive force that beats in and through you, embracing and guiding you at every step.

Gold LightWarrior Power2.png

= Power

In doing so, you activate your deepest potential and your own creative uniqueness. You get out of your comfort zone, overcome any challenges and create a life that brings you the utmost joy and satisfaction - whilst having a deeper impact on your clients and community.

I'll be right there with you every step of the way.


If you're ready to discover what you're truly capable of, then I'm looking forward to working with you! Check out my coaching and retreat pages for more information on how we can work together, or book a free connection call to start your journey today.

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