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Re-Treat Yourself

If you’re ready for an adventure to rediscover the magic of life, then a Soul Quest might be perfect for you.

Perhaps you’ve lost touch with your creativity, can’t seem to be fully present, or are simply sensing there is a new level of your life and work to step into. Whatever it is, you know that you need a break—a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world.
 You need time alone in nature to reconnect and find out who you are and what you really want, and to figure out your next steps.

Tailor-made entirely around you, a Soul Quest takes you deep into the wisdom and power within, while enjoying activities that you love.

Immerse yourself in the magic of nature
Receive my personal coaching and guidance
Discover some of Crete's most beautiful spots

Soul Quests are immersive 1:1 and small group retreats designed for people who are ready for some real soul-searching time in nature. They are based around the practice of the 'vision quest' and the 'walkabout', in which individuals spend time in nature to receive answers to important life questions.
Your Soul Quest is prepared entirely around you, filled with plenty of things you love: hiking, swimming, exploring the natural wilderness and ancient sites, as well as great local food and accommodation and camping in beautiful settings. It is a bespoke 1:1 experience, tailor-made to meet your individual needs, budget and requirements. Every Quest includes at least a 1-day fasted solo quest, 1:1 coaching check-ins during the trip, as well as pre-Quest preparation and post-Quest integration calls.

I accompany you as much as is needed, leaving you also plenty of days on your own for you to explore, relax and reconnect: to switch off from distractions, you receive a local text and call-only mobile phone for us to stay in contact on a daily basis.  I also guide you to book your flights and accommodation and any extra activities and trips before and after your Quest.

Check out sample Quests below, message me with any burning questions or book a connection call to chat about what your Quest could look like.
"Thank you so much for showing me and guiding me in how to develop my intuition. It is remarkable. Your calm nature, your thoroughness combined with the openness to listen and change as we go, are also very much appreciated: listening to me, and helping me along the way.. not too much and not too little. Thank you."

Joe Wyand, Artist, UK

Sample Quests

Soul Quests are completely tailor-made to your needs, budget and intention. The sample Quests below are examples of what is possible: we can adapt them for you, or create something totally new and unique!

June 2022


Vision Quest in Agios Pavlos

5-10 Days

Wilderness camping on a beautiful remote beach in Sfakia, before heading to the sleepy Sougia for a few nights.

Stay first in Chania or Apokoronas

Opening ceremony

Bus then boat to Sfakia
90-min or 5-hour hike to Agios Pavlos beach
1, 2 or 3 day fasted solo quest
Fire ceremony
Daily check-ins

Ferry to Sougia

2-3 nights in Sougia

Return to Chania via bus

Completion ceremony

Celebration dinner


Hike Over the White Mountains

7-14 Days

Hike over the White Mountains then spend a few nights wilderness camping on a beautiful remote beach.

Stay first in Chania or Apokoronas

Opening ceremony

Guided hike to Pachnes then Sfakia

Stay at Alonia Hostel

Forest Walks and Exploration
Hike to Agios Pavlos beach
1, 2 or 3 day fasted solo quest
Fire ceremony
Daily check-ins
Return to Chania via taxi boat, ferry and bus

Completion ceremony

Celebration dinner

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