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Podcasts + Interviews

THE BODY-POSI Podcast (with Shirlene Mann): “Let’s Chat About Your Inner LightWarrior”

The Body Posi podcast takes people to discover their own connection with their body and inner light. We talk about what being a LightWarrior actually means, my journey to finding my own magic and purpose, and what you can experience in the Campfire Community and at the upcoming Find Your Magic retreat in Crete.

THE ‘DREAM TO RISE’ Podcast (with Cynthia Concordia): "Who Shines the Light at the end of the Tunnel?”

In this wonderfully deep conversation, I share my own personal story of stepping into my role as the LightWarrior Coach: how growing up as a twin and my diagnosis with HIV shaped my path and mission. Cynthia also helps me to see some deep-held fear of being truly myself and sharing myself with the world.

THE ‘SPEAK WITH CLARITY, CONFIDENCE & CHARISMA’ Podcast (with Connie Lee-Bennet): “Share Out Of The Process & Not the Title”

This is my very first conversation about the LightWarrior Coach, with someone that has supported and helped me tremendously to get clear on my story and how I wish to share it with the world. We talk about divine timing, how sharing from our story is far more powerful than sharing from our labels or job title, and how the LightWarrior Coach was born.


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